D.O.E. on Portuguese radio

It's been some amount of attention for our happy five-piece recently, both from the print and web media. But since you get to know music the best way by listening we're happy about the news from Portugal.

Concert report: Blue Shell, 5.4.2011

"13", as we all know, is the ucky number for all musicians on the road. So what would be natural than to rock a hellufa night with a total number of 13 rockers. But not enough: one of the involved bands even went by the...

Radio killed the video star ;-)

Hi all, the gig last Saturday was big fun for ourselves and we hope you enjoyed it, too! We will publish a concert review soon, written from our own perspective to give you some "behind the scenes" insight. And don't...

D.O.E. on air! Mexico!

With "Tomorrow" und "Seven Sins" two D.O.E.-songs at once made it into the rotation of Mexican radio station La Pajarraca!

YES: record deal!

Good things come to those who...etc.: after more than ten years of hard musical work, several name - and even more line up - changes we are extraordinarily happy to announce that Dust Of Everyday will become part of the...

Press of Everyday: DOE @ "Nachtaktiv"-Sampler

Cologne's oldest newcomer band Dust Of Everyday - right, that's us! - will be featured in the next issues of "Nachtaktiv"-magazine: invisibly, but not inedibly...erm...inaudibly our epos "Requiem" will be part of the...

Eric visiting rehearsal

Yesterday we were happy to welcome our friend and ex-drummer Eric during rehearsal.

Because Mario and Masi took off sick, Eric could take the drummer's seat.

Album out now!

Live at Blue Shell, Cologne

Live at Blue Shell, 05.04.2011 Cologne, Photos by Thomas Soddemann